Are You Ready?

I remember this kid named Scotty when I was in Grade 8.

Scotty was like a human tornado.

He would invariably rush into class 2 minutes late nearly daily.

His hands would be empty. No books. No pens. No paper.

He’d grin at a girl. She’d lend him a pen. Scotty would turn and smile at another girl. She’s open her giant 3 ring Trapper Keeper binder and give him a few sheets of paper. He’d look threateningly at me, make a fist, frown and then grin at me. What page we on Davey?

I was one of those uptight book nerds in Grade 8. Guys like Scotty just didn’t fit with my definition of the program. They never seemed ready.

Guess what?

I’d score 90 or 95 on a test. Scotty would score 90 or 95 on a test too. It used to aggravate my competitive nature. It took me awhile to figure things out.

The game of life doesn’t grade you on your school supplies. The game of life scores you on the tests.

Scotty’s attitude prepared him for a career in public service. Mine prepared me to be an office clerk.


What is your current attitude like?

Is it helping your dreams or hindering?


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